TonCut for Automation

API Reference

Communication with the TonCut for Automation program is based on data in JSON format. You can work with the program in two ways - in command line mode or in Websocket server mode. Command line mode is perfect for batch processing, while server mode can be used for all other applications. Additionally, the program can run as a Windows service, so the optimization service can always be available.

In short, you need to provide input data (Input) to the program, and the program will generate results (Output). Input and Output are so-called Data Groups. There is also Configuration, but it is not required, so you can skip it at the beginning.


In command line mode, data is provided in the form of files and/or stdin. The results can be saved to a file or printed to stdout.


In server mode, a special Websocket API is used to communicate with the program. The API is super simple and is based on commands and events. After establishing a connection, you can send commands and receive responses as well as events.


First, install the program and make sure it is working properly. Then, we suggest that you start by running the examples and analyzing their source code. Finally, it is worth returning to this documentation to better understand the API.

Remember that the examples by default use port 8080 and the ws: protocol (without SSL). So if your configuration is different, you should also modify the examples!


If you want to see TonCut for Automation in action, take a look at our other product - TonCut Easy Online. This application actually uses TonCut for Automation to perform cutting optimization.


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