1. Visit the TonCut for Automation website at

  2. Scroll down and download the TonCut for Automation Installer.

  3. Run the downloaded installer.

  4. Choose the mode of operation you want to use:

    • TonCut for Automation Standalone - for command line mode.
    • TonCut for Automation Windows Service - for Windows Service mode.
  5. If you select Windows Service mode, you will see additional settings on the next screen:

    • Websocket Port - the port on which the Websocket server will listen for connections.
    • SSL Certificate Path - the path to an SSL certificate file.
    • SSL Key Path - the path to an SSL key file.

    You don’t have to specify SSL settings at this stage. You can always do that later in the TonCut for Automation Configurator. If you don’t specify SSL files, SSL will be disabled and the server will use the ws: protocol.

  6. Complete the installation and run the Configurator.


When updating to a newer version of TonCut for Automation, it is important to not uninstall the previous version. Instead, simply download the new version and run the installer. The installer will automatically update the program. If you are using Windows Service mode, the service will be automatically restarted, so there is no need to worry about it.

License Activation

After installing the program, the first step is to activate your license. If you have an activation code, click the Activate the program using the activation code button. If you do not have an activation code, click the Activate DEMO version button. The activation process is straightforward, so simply follow the instructions.

Testing Connection

After activating your license, you can change the configuration parameters if needed. Once you have saved the configuration, you can test the connection. You will see a page with three options:

  • Using SSL certificate - select this option if you have specified SSL key and certificate files.
  • Hostname - the hostname at which the service should be accessible.
  • Port - the port number at which the service should be accessible.

Please note that when using SSL, the hostname must match the one for which the certificate was generated.

Once the options are set, just press the Test Connection button.